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Dragon's Dogma 2 Confirmed?


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I read online that Dragon's Dogma 2 is confirmed to be in the works. Apparently this is old news, but I'm only now seeing it. Is this a good or a bad idea? What did you think of Dragon's Dogma and how could it be improved?

I would personally love to see the game make its way to the PS4 with more engaging quests and enemies. I love that you could climb dragons and gryphons while being careful not to fall to your death, but the game was also unfinished and bare. Gran Soren was big but only a tiny fragment of the city you could do stuff with. A majority of the quests were dull until you got to the last few, which were amazing. The beasts you encounter were exciting to engage combat with at first, but soon grew tiresome and effortless "There master, a harpy!" However, post game gave the game more of a thrill since new enemies roamed the land, but most trophies were done by then, and we know we need more trophies to keep us hooked in playing games.

And what about fast travel? would you guys like to see this feature added, or leave it the same way as the original?

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Let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed the game. However, you make some very valid points; the game did a little feel unfinished and bare, esp. towards the end of the game. I'm hoping for less annoying pawns in the next installment (either give them multiple sayings that don't get redundant or don't make them talk at all). Also, I would like to see some more exciting sidequest rather than escort, killing, and collecting sidequests. Moreover, I never did understand the significance of "romancing" someone. All it did was show them in a cut-scene at the very end. I'm hoping they do more with this if it's included in the next one. Lastly, I want to see a larger variety of enemies and for the enemies to be less predictable. If you versed 1 type of goblin you've versed them all, if you versed one cyclops you've versed them all, and so on and so forth. They used all the same moves, all had the same health bars, and all had the same weak points for the most part. The only true exception were dragons and even at that they didn't differentiate that much.


With this all being said, I will say this game caught me by surprise. At a first glance, I didn't believe I would enjoy this game. However, the dragon fights were really epic and I enjoyed the fighting system overall. Of course, the best part was the climbing all over large enemies. It gave me that Shadow of Colossus feel, which is one of my favorite games.


I'd love to see a sequel, though I wouldn't drop $60 for it. The game was good for a first game in a series, but it has a lot to clean up before I'd drop $60 on a sequel.

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I've been hearing rumors of a sequel also, and not Deep Down. I really hope it's true, as I loved Dragon's Dogma. It was an awesome game, especially with the little budget Capcom had for it. I'd love to see some minor improvements, and some more enemy types. Maybe even make it (optional) co-op, so it would be 2 Arisen and we each get our own pawn.

But overall, the game was very well made, and I hope Capcom realizes how much people actually like it.

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How could it be improved? Gee well for me telling me where to go would be nice, so a good map system and better objective system. (I think everything game should have the dead space system lol where there's a line on the floor telling your where to go lol I guess I'm just shit at games.)


Maybe it's good already and I'm just a noob (probably the case) but I've tried three times to get into and play through the game and everytime I just have no fucking idea what to do or where to go.

So a better map system for noobs like me would be sweet.

Also that whole stopping and standing still to catch your breathe.. yeah that needs to go. lol.

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