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DOOM Beta for pre orders

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Iv pre ordered the game and its in the post but what I really wanted to know is who is excited for the DOOM beta??

Im 18, and watched my dad play DOOM when i was younger and so I cant wait, especially on next GEN!!

Best part is - My dad hasn't played a console for 10 years but he is excited to play this too!

So what are your thoughts???



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I'm waiting to get a ps4 to play this so unfortunately I'll miss out on the beta. Doom was the first game I ever played however so i'm super excited to see what they come up with.



Might be cool, the two other big fps games I really liked were Duke Nukem and Doom, and I'd be more likely to get a new Doom game than Duke Nukem Forever.  Is Doom BFG even a good port?


I haven't played Doom 3 yet so I can't comment on that but if you're just interested in the ps1 style games I would say get the classic collection off psn since you get more levels :) 

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