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Forgot PSN password


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So I forgot my PSN password and I cannot obtain a new one even though I have the original email used to create the account and my console's serial number.  I can't change it because I used a fake date of birth when I made my account (for security reasons).  Is there anyway I can get them to let me change my password?

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You should be able to send a password reset to your email from sonyentertainmentnetwork.com..go to log in, trouble signing in and forgot password. It will ask for you email and send a reset link within 24 hours.


If that fails (no reason not to) call them, explaine ect. I forgot mine when i came back to ps3 but I did use real details so it was easy..takes a few days for them to reset though. They may require a few other details though..address, last purchases if any off store, when the account was made roughly, your name and psn id ofc.


BTW if they do accept your situation, you will need to email them in photo ID of some kind to verify who you are via the email you want to use so have a scan ready for them.

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