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A few questions...

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Hi, the battlefield 2 servers are closing down (GOD DAMN I HAVE 1%) so I was wondering if I have enough time to complete all online trophies. I would make a gaming session but I do not know the methods of boosting in the game.


Questions to answer:


Do I have enough time to complete the games online trophies including DLC?

What are the boosting methods?

I have read that the servers will be closing down on 30th June.





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As far as I'm aware, the Battlefield 2 servers are closing, not the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 servers. 


Edit: Nevermind, apprently both of them are closing. EA has stated that they're working on a solution though, so hopefully they won't be going down. But if they do close, you should have enough time to platinum the game before the servers close if you boost. 




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