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Did you get them and how did you get them?

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Bulldozer: Get 10 sacks with Franchise in Campaign Mode game

A-Train: Manually Break 3 tackles during a Campaign Mode Game

Skidmark: Cause 3 weather slips to your opponent in a Campaign Mode game

Battaglion: Knock Bruno Battaglia out of the game during the league championship

Anatomy Lesson: You have caused every possible injury at least once.


the most sacks i get in a game is 2. it would probably be easier for me to do if each quarter wasn't 4min short. anybody have any methods?

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I also don't have yet them, haven't played the game after i completed the story one time. So i have read tips on them only.

So about the 10 sack its easier to do them when your player is LB and in division 3 against Milwaukee Hounds. Use Barrel blitz gameplays. Go to side where QB has less defense. Try to go for QB, also you should attack with square not with X. After you get the ball, punt it to have more time to sack! In 4th quarter if your not near the 10 sack, quit the game and start it from beginning.

This one is really tough and is more or less based on luck. The best way to try and initiate a break tackle is to throw the ball to someone that has people guarding him. Catch the ball using your clash catch is L2 (while you don't have unleashed) and button-triangle.png. Once you land you should instantly be in a break tackle so start mashing the button-x.png button to win the little battle. After you have won the little tackle battle a little marker will appear under your clash meter. Get three of these in any campaign mode game and the trophy will unlock.

Use running plays and run towards a giant mud puddle. Run into the middle of the puddle and when someone is close enough enter clash and push the left stick in the opposite direction while pressing button-circle.png. You will know you caused a weatherslip because you will get a weatherslip bullet under your clash meter. You can also get these in other rain games or snow games but the first game is definently easiest



Build up your clash meter with icons until you are unleashed. Hold onto the unleashed until you get the ball, once you get the ball run it down the field until you get far enough to basically waste 4 downs without them getting a safety(bruno is the team captain which means he will have a star under him by his name and he is only on the field during defensive plays).
On 1st down with your unleashed meter full pick a passing play (best one I found was under hail mary and was the button-triangle.png choice. This will give you just enough defenders in front of you to cover you enough for bruno to get by and what you want to do is hold onto the ball behind the line and give bruno the chance to come in for the sack, when he comes in for the sack (which wont happen every single time) enter QB evade mode by holding L2 while bruno gets close enough. Once he gets close enough flick the right joystick straight up and this will make the QB unleash on bruno. This way is the best way to unleash him and injure him out of the game. If you only knock him out for a few plays dont worry, do it again. The more times you unleash him the weaker he gets and the more open he gets for a permanent injury, each time I used QB evade though I knocked him out for games.


Anatomy Lesson

*Note - Some injuries can only be obtained in prisonball (injuries obtained in prisonball will not tell you the name of the injury), where some injuries can only be achieved in bone crushers, and some injuries can only been obtained in normal gameplay.

-Concussion -This one by unleashing the head
-Skull Fracture -also unleash the head in bone crusher
-Pinched Nerve -unleash at the top by collar bone
-Sprained Neck -unleash on offense with
-Broken Neck -unleash on offense with in bone crusher
-Shoulder Stinger -unleash from back upper arms or upper back
-Shoulder Dislocation -unleash in chest area from side
-Broken Collar Bone -unleash head on at collar bone
-Back Spasms -unleash from behind middle back
-Spinal Cord Contusion -unleash offense in bone crusher
-Spinal Fracture -unleash from offense in bone crusher (fill momentum bar)
-Sprained Knee -dive unleash from far away...target knee cap
-Fractured Knee Cap - defensive unleash...unleash from far away at the QB so you can target his legs...aim for the knee cap and fill the meter (I got this one in a game of prison ball)
-Torn MCL - offensive unleash with in bone crusher
-Torn ACL -offensive unleash with in bone crusher
-Ruptured Achilles -offensive unleash with in bone crusher
-Severe Ankle Sprain - unleash dive aim for feet from far away
-Dislocated Ankle -offensive unleash with in bone crusher
-Bruised Ribs -unleash ribs (half momentum)
-Broken Ribs -unleash ribs (3/4 momentum)
-Punctured Lung - unleash ribs (full momentum) when close
-Bruised Kidney - unleash crotch (1/2 momentum)
-Ruptured Spleen -unleash ribs from side (full momentum)
-Ruptured Scrotum -Unleash crotch (full momentum)
-Broken Humerus -unleash grabbing the upper arm
-Broken Forearm -unleash grabbing the lower arm
-Fractured Wrist -unleash grabbing for the hand
-Fractured Fingers -unleash grabbing for the hand (full momentum)
-Broken Femur -Unleash on the QB low and aim for his knee cap...3/4 momentum
-Shattered Tibia -unleash offense with
-Broken Foot -unleash offensive with or unleash foot

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