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Newbie from England.


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My name is Jonny from England, 20 years old. I used to game on the PC and Xbox but most my friends have Playstation. I got a PS4 mostly for when H-Hour comes out as all my friends are getting it and also I picked up a PS3 to try some old games. out


Platinums are much better than getting 1000g I must say. I am looking forward to getting Watch Dogs next for PS4. I am currently playing through the DMC DLC and then I will play Heavy Rain as I have heard some great things about it.


Thank you for allowing me into your community and I hope to see you around either this forum or in the Playstation community.


Have a good day. 

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Thanks for all the nice messages  :lol:


Welcomes, your trophies seem a little odd.

Do you play games really quick or have a lot of time to play?

I have played over 500 hours of Skyrim on PC so that was easy :) also played a lot of Red Dead Redemption on 360 so I knew how to do that in as little time as possible. I have had a lot of free time the last month

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