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Any Playstation Now Beta Players?


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Hi, I've received yesterday an invitation by email from Playstation to try out the new Playstation Now Beta.
It offers great games for streaming,  and it's for free too :)
Just wondering if there are any other players of this awesome service in here! :)

For how long is this service going to be in beta for free?


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I am a current PS Now Beta Tester.  It is a great service, they will not say when it will end, but I know that it is also going to the PS4 as of 2 days ago.  Unfortunately due to huge non-disclosure agreements, I will not announce any information about PlayStation Now that Sony has not said.

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Are you guys allowed to talk about it like this? I know there's nothing specific here, but many NDAs don't allow you say anything positive or negative it at all, and some don't even let you say you're a participant. Just asking, because I know a lot of people don't read those things, and it'd be bad to get banned because of a thread like this.

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