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Summer 2024 Backlog Challenge

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57 minutes ago, StilRh said:

Let me know how the PZ platinum journey is. I am craving a nice tycoon game. Jurassic World Evolution 2 and Two Point Hospital had caught my eye as I will have them through PS+ but the plats are rough from what I've heard.


Anyways, my list:

Cat Quest 2 0%

Disco Elysium 3%

Ghost runner 0%

Midnight Suns 0%

My time at Sandrock 27%

Phoenix Point 32%

Railway Empire 12%

Stardew Valley 32% (hurry up 1.6 update)

Stellar Blade 5%

Unicorn Overlord 11%

Have fun everyone :)

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Everything should be within my ability and time budget. A mix of genres, difficulties and playtimes. I might add a few other games from either my backlog or the PS+ collection as it's a pretty good service and I should be using it more. Taking a gamble with Midnight Suns - I loved comic books as a kid but modern superhero stuff I find a bit cliche or cringe inducing. I am told the card based combat is excellent so hope the rest of the game doesn't drag :) I really want something special to be plat number 300! Stellar Blade or Stardew maybe? In addition to this list, I will be playing some games that are not eligible for the challenge due to being well over 50% - want to put my backlog in some kind of order!!

Will do! I got the platinum in Two Point Hospital some years ago. I really loved it but it was a long one 😅 also some crashes made it longer, but still one of my favorites. I’m hoping for a second game one day 🤞🏼

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14 hours ago, cy1999aek_maik said:

I would like to join and I'll start with 5 games and update them as I go on. 


1. Dead Space (PS3) 4%

2. God of war ascension 1%

3. Grand theft auto IV 1%

4. Rogue Legacy 11%

5. Borderlands (PS3) 12%


I've been putting GTA4 off for more than a decade lol Maybe it's time I played it. I am going for 100% on all of these. 


13 hours ago, RoastedPeanut said:

Honestly I was going to skip this one but I have a bit of time over the next few months so I think I'll be good to knock out a list this summer.


1. Banner of the Maid (PS4) - 49%

2. Dead Space (PS5) - 7%

3. Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy (PS4) - 1%

4. Astro's Playroom (PS5) - 0%

5. Dragon Quest II  (PS4) - 0%

6. Endling: Extinction is Forever (PS4) - 0%

7. Final Fantasy IV (PS4) - 0%

8. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (PS5) - 0%

9. Sea of Stars (PS5) - 0%

10. Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (PS5) - 0%

11. Sonic Origins (PS4) - 0%

12. The Knight Witch (PS5) - 0%

13. Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection (PS5) - 0%

14. Wonder Boy Collection (PS4) - 0%

15. Wonder Boy Returns Remix (PS4) - 0%


They may look pretty much the same,  but those two Wonder Boy collections have slightly different trophy lists and unfortunately the Anniversary collection requires two playthroughs of my least favourite game in the series....


10 hours ago, gladiatorrrrrrr said:

this is my list for this event:




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6 hours ago, grumpaluffagus_1 said:

I'm in for another round, and my list is as follows. Here's to hoping I make more progress in this challenge than the last one.

  1. Lego 2K Drive - 18%
  2. The Witcher 3 - 14%
  3. Goat Simulator - 25%
  4. Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection - 7%
  5. Tales of Arise - 12%
  6. Wild Hearts - 1%


55 minutes ago, Kishnabe said:

1. Trials of Mana 0%


2.  Dodgeball Academia 0%


3. DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace PS5 0%


4.  Judgment PS5 0%


5.  Secret of Mana 0%


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2 hours ago, neospoon said:

My first day went great! I’m having way too much fun wiping out humanity in Plague Inc. ☺️


Plague inc was a fun game. I started it on a whim but enjoyed it. Some troublesome rng trophies but nothing that big of a deal.


You're almost there :) 

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20 hours ago, ProfSeajay7 said:

How was the first day of the event? Did you all have fun? I've been busy playing Oceanhorn 2 and Nexomon: Extinction. ;)

Didn’t get a chance to start. Trying to finish Lego 2k drive before I put that on that back burner and never go back. I am not enjoying it at all. 

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