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Ferrous Fibre


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What am I doing wrong? I need Ferrous Fibre (Biped MK4). Everything I find online says I need to attack the legs. I’ve done at least 15 runs against such enemies and every time I get Will O’Fibre. I even got much rarer components.

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Alright, it is up to chance, but turns out after 30 runs, you can still do it wrong, and nobody mentions this anywhere. Not many play anymore, but hopefully this helps somebody else:

  • Switch to NPCs that don't use rockets
  • Give your accessory a heavy melee weapon
  • Farm the Artillery Biped showdown (no hands to get in the way)
  • You need to hack like crazy on one lower and upper leg before it goes down, so make sure it doesn't go down before one of the parts break off (there is no visual feedback, no severing)
  • Ferrous Fibre should come during fight, not after the harvest
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