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Transistor End Thoughts *SPOILERS*


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Well, what an immaculate game. I finished the game in one gaming session just because the game compelled me and enticed me to carry on. Although, I want to discuss my thoughts on the ending and I want to read the ending from your perception. I personally thought the ending was great, Red and the unknown individual now spend eternity inside the Transistor which somewhat frustrated me. It's great that Red obtained her voice and now spends eternity with her man which was so sweet and rad. However, that city is still dilapidated, they're not in their organic reality, and is immortality the death of them (pardon the paradox). I mean "death of them" in the sense that they may grow tired of each other and their love may not be eternal. My best analogy for it is the awesome film "The Matrix" where Cypher tries to trade his reality for luxuries/prosperity/material goods in the Matrix. What do you guys think of this? I guess if Red hadn't committed suicide she would just be re-building the city with her man as a sword which isn't too romantic and lovely. Thanks for reading if you had the time  :).

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I loved it.  I thought at first that it was a little off putting but it grew on me.  The only thing I didn't like is that now the transistor is there for anyone to take now.  I did love the scene in your apt when Red is eating and she dresses the transistor up in her BF's Jacket like they're still a happy couple. I kind of hoped that recursor mode would have a different ending but I still loved this game start to finish x2

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