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Minor glitch information.

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After you've picked the egg for the meal in one of Granny Pig's and Grandpa Pig's objectives don't click on the hen house second time. There will be another cutscene showing your character taking a second egg and you'll disappear after this, making it impossible to change the screen. You can hear the Peppa's friend walking and making the sounds with the triangle button but that's it. It doesn't void any of the trophies, thankfully. Quitting to main menu and loading your progress fixes this.


The game could have been longer and the fact that you must hear certain lines between the characters again and again (like the roadblock one) can be annoying but it's not a bad game. It has some valuable messages for the kids - that it's important to work together, eat healthy, teaching basic stuff about the planets, growing plants and safety while riding bikes and so on. There's also a little bit of RNG here as well, allowing to discover new situations too. I just feel like My Friend Peppa Pig needed a little more effort from the devs, cause going off screen can stop a progress for one task and we all know how patient the children usually are. :) The scenes when everyone laughs work as crossover and feel very trippy (someone probably made them while being baked). I cringe-laughed at these a couple times. All in all not a bad title for children as it's peaceful and has some value in it.

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