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New trophy list?


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I recently started playing the game, and had something quite interesting. Maybe someone will know what happened. Maybe trophy team?

Firstly except of story related trophies all other I received were different that it should. For example for checking the EAS-12 module I got "Space Janitor" which is granted for solving low priority alert. On my list there is not even a trophy for getting all the collectibles "Memory Recovered". And have one which do not have any guide like "Glasgow kiss".

Recently even the trophy list here on PSNP was different than the local one on my console. Now it's corrected. But in that case guide operates on different list.


Have the developer/publisher switched the trophies?


Example guide: https://psnprofiles.com/guide/15087-observation-step-by-step-100-walkthrough but I've checked different and none of them have the trophies I see on my list.


Account is registered in Poland, game is from PS+ Extra.


I'm totally confused as never saw such "swap" of trophies :D

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I've just changed to UK and US and indeed Polish list is outdated.

I didn't think about language change since trophies were in english anyway.

Sometimes I change language when trophies are in Polish as sometimes they have broken descriptions or translations are vague.


Thanks for checking and info!


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