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Active servers almost all day long!


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Hello everyone. I want to warn you and encourage you to perform the online trophy cleanup. At first I was scared but there is nothing to be afraid of as I managed to get all the trophies alone. I started on Saturday and today I managed to finish it. On Saturday and Sunday I was playing all day and there were always at least 6 people in NA Server. According to PSapp in 35 hours I achieved the feat. it could be 40 but I completed a challenge that allowed me to unlock a part of the cyberdemon armor before Echelon X. 



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I hopped on last night just for couple minutes to see how the servers were looking but didn't find anyone.  I'm trying again right now and am having trouble.  I'm just trying to get the 2 trophies for the platinum (not really concerned with the dlc stuff).  Any tips or specific games modes I should be trying to get more players before I just try and set up a boosting session?


Update:  After about 15 minutes or so I was able to get a small game going and came back later in the day an immediately got into another one.  Looks like there is a small community of people still playing (saw some level 50 players).  Just be patient you should be able to find games if you are looking. 

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