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Act 5/6 No Hope Solo Mini guide - Tips and Tricks

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Just wanted to share my experience in getting these two trophies with reference to the guide on here. The guide is really excellent and has a lot of great pointers with video guides to help you through. I recommend checking it out as your very first port of call when getting started tackling the higher difficulties.


Act 5 - Pretty much just follow the guide. I did run a melee build here just a different one to the guide. (although here I would recommend the build I use in Act 6)


- Motorcycle Helmet

- EMT bag

- Padded Suit

- Battle Lust

- Spiky Bits

- Mean Drunk

- Ignore the pain

- Durable

- Body Armor

- Wooden Armor

- Brazen

- Slugger

- Meth Head

- Breakout

- Scar Tissue


This act is honestly not that bad, the only level I had MANY and I mean MANY resets was the 3rd level in the prison, its really easy to navigate through rescuing the prisoners but once I dropped down and ran to the right to get through the doors, my bots would always die. I think once I got through with 2 bots and then got obliterated before I even got to the courtyard. Every other run I had 1 bot or 0 bots with me for the final section. Honestly just think that sections RNG, but it was always Evangelo who wouldn't follow me and would fight the ogre, every time without fail. I just had to get a lucky run. 


Don't have much to say about the rest of this act, honestly its pretty straight forward, take your time and you'll be fine.


Act 6 - Here is a little bit different, I found a couple of things while playing this act.


1 - Don't use a melee build, I spent so long on the 2nd level here because honestly the melee build just requires good luck and bots putting in good graft. You are fighting against the bots and the ridden to rush them to get health back but you'll probs end up losing the same amount if not more depending on what you are hitting. I also one time in act 5 had the 60 health card and a breaker spawn. Here is where I could be completely wrong but getting these and using a melee build is a recipe for disaster and a run killer imo, good luck getting past this because you and the bots are one shot to the breaker and only have melee to try and beat it.


2 - The ridden hive spawn the first level for me was non existent, this was with maybe 10-15 retries/ attempts, it never spawned for me once. I have read a couple of replies on reddit of people saying the exact same thing. So I would carry on with the level and pass the ogre, I will put a video link further down that shows the method for getting past the ogre at the end of the level.


3 - On level 2 don't sit behind the generator in the parking garage instead come back down the car park to where you came from,  in the back right corner is a door, break it and sit in there.


4 - Use Tala, Shotgun for dps and a bow with resonant materials on for when you want some health back, I had an absolute breeze through Act 6 using this setup. Using this build the run took me 2 and 1/2 hours to beat, I didn't reset through levels 1-4 and didn't reset on the 2 hives I entered. I reset once on the final boss. 


5 - Don't jump in the hive on mission 4. This hive is right at the end of the level, it's honestly better to just run to the end and camp out the cable car. (By this point you should be geared up well enough anyway) 


6 - Jeffs whistle, spawned for me on the first level. Its amazing, takes so much heat off of you and the bots and deals mega damage. 10/10 would recommend... If you find it.


7 - Aim for tall boys, slashers ETC first then the ridden, use R3 to punch/ stagger ridden at any opportune time.


The Build - 


- Out with a bang

- Run like hell

- Mad Dash

- Dash 

- Fire in the hole!

- Cross Trainers

- superior Cardio

- Hyper focused

- Shredder

- Improvised explosives

- Grenade Pouch

- Double grenade pouch

- Headband Magnifier

- Fresh Bandage

- Share the Wealth


I found this build from a speed run video for act 6 no hope. This is the exact same build that I used, you could easily make this build even better, knocking off some of the speed cards in favour of some damage upgrades. I didn't play through like the speed runner, I took my time and moved through each level cautiously, so at very few points was I utilising the speed cards. 


This build was honestly so much fun, I never realised how much I hate not being able to aim down sights. Opening crates/ objectives and doors being really quick is a lot nicer as well.


Speed run Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hjB_6F9AKg



The tip on the first level getting past the ogre without fighting it is in this video as well.


All in all I would recommend using this build in both Act 5 and 6 No hope, again could absolutely upgraded as well to give out more damage.


Any questions I'd be more than happy to answer and will update if I've missed anything.

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18 hours ago, Kickbillen said:

Could you add me and give me a few pointers? Thx in advance!

Hey, All the advice I can really give is on this post, unless you're struggling with a specific spot, I probably couldn't help you much more than what ive already said. Thank you! 

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