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GTA V Trophy Glitch?! - HELP.


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OkI'm starting to get really pissed, I'm 100% sure the trophy All's Fare in Love and War (Purchase Downtown Cab Co. and complete a private fare.) is glitching on my game... Why? Simply cuz there is no icon on my map to purchase the Downtown Cab Co... I already beated the f****** game and no icon, I've been searching around internet and nobody has this problem... Like, NOBODY.

( Yes I even went to the location and guess what? You know that DYNASTY 8 Sign where there is the price and eveything? It's not there, WTF!)


What the hell is going on? Am I screwed? Do I need to start the game all over again?????


Please if this is happening or happened to you / or, you know anything that could possible help me reply! 



I have two images here, check them out, you can see I don't have any icon in the map! 


- Image 1 - https://twitter.com/Freshq_WWE/status/470683096212582400/photo/1


- Image 2 - https://twitter.com/Freshq_WWE/status/470683017133178881/photo/1

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Are you looking for it as Franklin? I believe he's the only one who can buy it.


From the GTA Wiki:

The Downtown Cab Co. can be purchased by Franklin for $200,000 after completing the mission Nervous Ron.

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The only problem i know is that the owner will not call you for a special pick up for the trophy. That is if you buy the property after you beat the story.


I dont know about not being able to find the icon to buy it. Did you try going up to the property sign and activating it that way? Try switching characters to refresh it. Or go online then back to the offline.

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Then you can't do anything about it I'm afraid, perhaps you could ring Rock-star's support team or email them about your problem. Though I doubt that would do anything, something similar like this has happened in many games. One such game, Far Cry 3. Were I couldn't get a single Co-Op mission trophy which annoyed me to a point of no return. My best advice available to you is to keep on trying and hope that the icon just magically appears or something! Good luck! ;P

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I think you are screwed bud. I had a glitch that was really bad where the Ammunation and Mod Shop icons disappeared from the map. When I went to any Ammunation or Mod Shop the doors would be locked and wouldn't allow me in. There was no solution for this glitch in my save file. I ended up having to load a backup save file. Lost several hours of work. 


Always keep a backup save file. GTA V seems to have some issues with gamebreaking bugs. Really sorry to hear about your troubles man.

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There is a simple solution to it that doesnt involve much work: if you are simply going for the dumb trophy.


I had Issues unlocking this: to the ppl that might have the same problem. If you purchased the Cab Co. and you continue through the game and you do not receive a call, AT ALL, even if you finish the game and play as franklin continuously and you never receive a call. and you began your campaign during the Online Fiasco, YOUR SAVE COULD BE BUGGED. The reason I say that is because what i just mentioned Happened to me. I played as Franklin and NEVER GOT A CALL. Waited hours, did Fares for a while, waited, saved, waited, did more fares, did the collectibles as franklin, something that will keep me driving to trigger the call from the Cab Co. but it did not happen. This is what I did:

1. Started a BRAND NEW GAME
3. First Heist: Get everyone to help for the cheapest price (this ensures Franklin Gets a Bigger Cut at the End)
4. When escaping drive behind the crew with the motorcyles, before the tunnel entrance activate Franklin's Ability so that he picks up the money bag that one of your crew members will drop (2.5M in the bag)
5. Finish the Main Story Missions as Trevor (should only be like 3 or 4 mission, they dont take long)
6. When Trevor gets to Los Santos you can play as Franklin again and he gets his cut from the heist approx $250,000, enough to buy the Cab Co. since you will be able to purchase after Trevor arrives.
7. Buy the Cab Co. get the first call from the Manager.
8. Take a cab and do 5 Fares (15-20 Minutes) 
9. Waited 5 minutes in some random parking lot
10. Went home and saved the game
11. Load up that save
12. Go outside and Get Killed/Commit Suicide (makes more in game hours go by)
13. As I ran out of the hospital THE MANAGER CALLED
14. Accept Fare, Complete Fare and TROPHY UNLOCKED

All of the above mentioned took roughly 3-4 Hours, skip cutscenes and speed though MAIN MISSIONS ONLY. I hope this helps at least one person, because if you feel your save is bugged, there is NO WAY you can fix it. you have to start brand new. 


-Trophy Tip by HARD_ANGEL_FAN


This is what i did to obtain the trophy i missed. i know its sad that you have to repeat a lot just to get the easiest trophy in the game. but this is the only way if you have a bugged save.

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