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Load / Continue Game bug


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I was even surprised not to find a similar topic here, but here's a warning: unbelievably, in 2024 there is a basic bug in the game.

If you exit the game at any time, there is a huge possibility that you will not be able to continue your gameplay. You start the game, choose the continue or load option and the game simply gets stuck on the initial menu screen, with an orange floppy disk symbol flashing in the top right corner.

And there is no point in restarting the game, turning the console off and on, uninstalling and installing the game again. I searched several forums and found reports of the same problem.

The only solution is to start the game again from the beginning and finish it in a single continuous gameplay, like in the good old days of 8 bits. The game may be short, but it's still very frustrating for such a basic problem to exist in a current-gen game.

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