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Mini-Platinum Trophy Roadmap

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So after finishing this game with bit of information scattered everywhere, figured I'd stick in a little roadmap for this somewhat easy and quick Plat-Game.


  • Difficulty: 3/10 (Possibly 4/10 for some) Game can certainly have an annoying Mission or two but overall the S Ranks are really not too hard to obtain, especially with the Upgrades you unlock as you progress.
  • Playthrough: 1 Playthrough but you'll have replay a bunch of Missions for potential S Rank or the grindy 6,666 Blood Trophy.
  • Time: 6-8 Hours
  • Missables: None, you can replay all Levels.


Most of the Trophies will be unlock via natural play, you have your standard Complete the Game trophy with some (Do 'thing' X amount of time) which you'll likely end up doing whilst playing naturally. I'll also attach videos made by Cheetah's Guides huge thanks to this YouTube channel for the help they provided as it's really the only content available to use for Achievement/Trophy Hunting on this game. Their guides will point out where to grab certain weapons/meet certain requirements to unlock the Trophies that you have to a go a little out of your way for in some of the levels, thankfully most of the misc Trophies take like a minute or two to complete, nothing too challenging with the exception of maybe 'Shaken, Not Stirred' which can be a tad annoying.


Cheetah's Guides are pretty dang good a highlighting how to grab each Trophy but I'll add some little extra details below to add on to their information for certain Trophies:


Sexy Ascension

Unlock all abilities and perks

Once you finish the Base Story and save your family a bunch of new Missions will be available, you only have to play the ones that have the unlockable Perk assigned to them and the Space DLC that was a free update and you'll unlock all Abilities and Perks. You unlock them regardless of Rank you get, just finish the Level.


Blood, not funny

Consume 6,666 litres of blood

This is the only grindy Trophy in the game, you'll likely be sat around 4,500 litres once you've done all the other Trophies dependant how many playthroughs you've gone through to get S-Ranks. Personally I found the quickest way to earn the rest was to boot up:

- Terminal 4, Elimination

- Abilities (whatever, you prefer)

- Perks (Chain Killer, The Succ & Messy Eater)

- Put all points into Energy

- Find the Chainsaw in this Level and just grind people up with it, whilst using Traps on the brief occasion as the Chainsaw will break after a fair amount of usage but the Chain Killer perk should make it so people die quick thus making the Chainsaw last longer. Once you've killed everyone and sucked up their bodies/blood. Quit the Level and replay, blood sucked will still count even if you don't finish the Mission.



Achieve a 69 Hit Combo

I personally don't remember going out of my way to get this one, should just come naturally towards the end of the game as there a way more enemies. The Space Station (Lower) or FamilyCorp HQ will have multiple enemies, make use of sucking up random items and firing them at enemies as it does less damage. Just make sure you don't get hit as this will be the only thing that resets the counter.


Alpha Go

Obtain S rank on all Story missions

It's the one that seems the most scary of the lot but overall it really isn't that bad. Do note that you only have to S-Rank the Missions so that's:

McClean Home - First Blood

Void - Elimination

Cyber Cruise - Rescue Mission, Invasion, Elimination, Delivery & Cleaning Frenzy

The Turtle Club - Attack the Rave, Invasion, Elimination, Cleaning Frenzy, Break the Targets & Stealth Rescue

Terminal 4 - S.O.S, Rescue Mission, Bomb Squad, Elimination, Invasion & Delivery

Family Corp HQ - Infiltration 

I found Cheetah's Guides video to be most helpful for levels I struggled on but I'll try to drop a few extra tips for each mode. Overall, as long as you eliminate the enemies with various traps and methods and you manage to get S+ Cleaning when prompted in the final 60 seconds of most levels, you're mostly always guaranteed an S Rank in the majority of the Levels, Time Taken seems to be the least important with the exception of some Missions/Modes.


Elimination - Keeps things fresh and use a variety of Traps, Thrown Items and Abilities. Don't stress too much about Time with these ones, you can't just idle forever but time does seems to be a bit more relaxed for the high ranking in these. Making sure the level is fully clean seems to make up a huge bulk of the score.


Rescue Mission - Speed is a little more important with these ones but you'll find that enemies can be a real pain because when holding Family Members you're unable to Dash because you'll drop them. My advise would be to constantly suck up Objects to fire at enemies and lure as many into traps as you can. Just killing enemies will do for this mode, style/variety seems to be a little less valuable in these.


Invasion - As far as I can tell, as long as none of the Items get fully taken away and you keep the level clean at the end, you're almost always guaranteed an S Rank. Variety kills doesn't seem important here at all, just use whatever you can at your disposal to kill enemies as fast as possible. Remember to suck up items and fire them at enemies, I always forgot about this myself but it helps so much because enemies will generally converge on one location towards the valuables and you'll find your Traps break near the first couple rounds.


Delivery - Make sure to deliver all available parcels in the Level I believe the Level counts as complete when delivering 8 packages but there's around 12-16 to deliver. Speed is pretty important here and you'll wanna make sure to activate as many traps to damage and hopefully kill enemies whilst doing it. You don't have to kill everyone but the occasional variety kill might be the one to boost your score to that S Rank. This mode troubled me the most out of all but maybe you'll find em easier.

Cleaning Frenzy - Vacuum go brrrr (just clean up the pools of blood as fast as you can, fire soap when you pick them up to instantly clean the area) this is easily the more relaxing mode.


Bomb Squad - As long as you get a decent amount of variety kills and you keep a relatively steady pace through the level you should be fine. You have to kill all the enemies after disarming the bombs anyways and you have to have a somewhat fast pace to disarm the bombs so this one should come a bit more naturally.


Break the Targets -  This one might need a little practise to learn where the targets are but speed is obviously key here and destroying all of the targets. Cheetah's Guide has a great demonstration for these. Just remember to shoot items at the targets (once again, I forgot about this functionality a bunch)


Stealth Rescue - In my opinion, this sucked and was the worst one but thankfully you only need to S Rank one of these in the Turtle Club. My advise would be to watch Cheetah's Guide and in general, hide in shrubbery or under stuff a lure enemies towards traps as much as possible to try and kill them. If you want to return to the Mission once you've unlocked the Skill for Traps doing more damage and High Combos doing more damage, then do that to make clearing the map a little easier.


Overall, whilst this is a fair bit of text. It really isn't as bad as it looks. Once you play you'll get a feel of what I mean when you see how lenient they are with the S Rank requirements, with only a pinchful of levels you might have to retry a couple of times. If you do find yourself struggling, move on and grab some more Abilities and Perks and then return to do the S Ranks.


Gettin' Jiggy With It

Kill 3 enemies using the dancefloor trap

Just to note that you don't have to kill three enemies with just one use of the Trap. If you have the repair traps ability, you can kill one at a time if you so desire but I do believe it has to be three kills within the playthrough of the level and it's not cumulative (could be wrong though)


Shaken, Not Stirred

During a Mission, kill 3 enemies with one bartender bot attack

This is probably the most annoying of the Do (x) trophies. My only advise would be to do this on Elimination for Turtle Club and use:

- Ghost in the Machine ability 

- Chain Killer, Fire Bug and Trapper skills.

- Weaken three enemies, preferably the bat guys as they're a little easier to lure by throwing items at them.

- Lure them to the Bartender and then use the Ghost in the Machine ability and hide under something or in the bushes.

- Repeatedly ping the bartender to keep the guys in front of it until the Bartender switches to fire and then set it off.

Luring the enemies can be a bit of a pain so maybe bump up your health a little to avoid frustration.


Maximum Dusty

Reach Maximum power level

This trophy should unlock naturally as you complete the Campaign but I think the free DLC scuffed it a little bit. Make sure you complete the Main Story missions and the Space Missions and if the Trophy hasn't unlocked. Close down your game and reboot it and the Trophy should unlock. Seemed to happen to a couple of other people in the Dev Discord but rebooting always seemed to work for them and myself.



Defeat RoboPal 9000 without taking any damage

This sounds a little difficult but it's not too bad. You will go through three stages of this fight which honestly are pretty short, this Boss Fight is pretty a minute and half long, maybe two minutes. I found Stage 2 gave me the most trouble.

- Stage 1 - You'll fight RoboPal. Just constantly block his white marked attacks and you'll likely parry and damage him pretty significantly. Not even sure if there's a parry window here or you just block and it parries anyways. As long as you have a general okay sense of timing, blocking is all you'll have to do here and the block is pretty reliable.


- Stage 2 - You'll fight 10 minions that appear on the stage in short intervals that can be killed in one punch and cannot be blocked. Trouble is here that Dusty and Muscle Man is a little slow and unresponsive. I found that it was easier to go all the way to the right side of the stage, kill the first two guys and then dodge all the way to the left and make an attempt to space the guys out and not be rushed all at once. There's no real precise method here just try to dodge and break up the guys a little bit before laying a punch to kill a couple. Cheetah's Guide said to keep hammering punch and it should work, it never did for me 🤷‍♂️ but you're welcome to try.


- Stage 3 - RoboPal again. This time he'll have red marked attacks which I'm assuming you can't block (don't know, never tried). This should still be fairly easy to do, just don't get greedy. Punch once, see the red marked attack and dodge backwards immediately and rinse repeat. In Cheetah's video the Boss jumped all the way to the right of the stage and breathed fire, I personally never saw this attack once but if it does happen, dodge all the way to the other end as far from him as possible as this attack will cover the entire stage.


And you're done, please do note:

- Trophy unlocks at the end of the Credits after the Boss Fight and cutscene (annoyingly) was really mad at first until I realised it popped after I got to the bottom of the credit 😅

- Do keep an eye on your health in Stage 2 because punching the Minions will replenish your health, first time I did this fight I got hit by a Minion but didn't realise because I punched them straight after and got my health back.

- Seeing as your aiming not to get hit, put all your points into energy not health so you can dodge more.




And that's it. Any of the other trophies I shall leave you in the good hands of Cheetah's Guides (once again, huge thanks to them for their amazing videos. Drop em a like and subscribe if you can for appreciation)


S-RANK Guide



Misc Trophy Guide


(All credit for the videos above go to Cheetah's Guides)

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