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Wing nut trophy glitched (ps4)

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I havent played this game in a couple years, i recently went back to finish it, the game is one big collectible fest with a few bugs

i dont remember having many issues on ps5

40 hours in on ps4 and it looks like ill need another full playthrough, i saved most the collectibles for the end as its an open world, ive collected all the wings except the wings of dawnlight revel, i did all the challenges AFTER already entering that one room in particular where you get the last set of wings for completing 11 specific challenges, i go back to the entrance where that room is but i CANT access it, theres no indicator either to enter it, i guess you cant re-enter it, theres no quest icon on my map for it either, the only quest line i have left is finishing the end boss, everything else is finished, except a couple of labors and a dozen or so mounts left to tame, i really dont wanna play through this entire thing again for the next week for one trophy, fml

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This game i sware!!


For those who might be in a similar situation like me, theres still hope with new game+
the wings of dawnlight revels is highly missable and can be a potential trophy blocker but still doable, atleast on ps4, i dont remember this issue when i did it on ps5 but odds were i did all 11 challenges before that specific one-time quest in the forgelands appeared


so listen, you need to complete 11 specfic myth challenges on the main island BEFORE entering daidalo’s chamber in the forgelands (i might have mis-spelled his name) youll see it in the trophy video and know what i mean

(its a one time only engagement, quest related room, you can never go back in unless you start another playthrough, like new game+) so be careful!


Fortunately New game+ carries all your wings over to the next game and all your improved skills, so its better than an actual fresh new playthrough, you just basically have to speedrun un-fogging the entire main map again and redo all 11 specific myth challenges and THEN enter diadalos room in the forgelands when the quest appears, not before doing all 11 challenges though


Only a slight pain in my ass

it beats doing a full naked playthrough again though

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