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Super Meat Cat. Full game no death trophy video.

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Thought I'd make a forum post about this game 'She Wants Me Dead' cuz there isn't any others, it's actually pretty good! It's short and simple in design but I've been having fun with it.


It's a rhythm platformer (to the song made to promote it by CAZZETTE which went a little viral with 116 million views on YT!) The game consists of just 10 short under 1 min each levels. Death traps galore, set by your cat, who wants you dead. 


It's a good challenge... proven by there only being 14 people who have got the 100% completion since its release in 2016! 


Trophies are fine apart from one... which wants you to survive all 10 levels in a row without dying... sounds not too bad right it's only 10 short levels...well it's been kicking my butt lol... no save scumming possible, (there is an xbox glitch/level skip but it doesnt work on playstation)... only your own skill and luck for a perfect run can get you through... and so far I keep making dumb errors every single time, I'll get the godly run soon with patience, hence post title, as it's only 10 levels this last trophy is like a mini SMB to me. 


I dare you... try this game... can you get that 100%... its definately doable, a trophy guide says 7/10 difficulty which is fair I'd agree if I got a lucky run earlier on, but I think I've been very unfortunate with silly deaths for quite a while (couple weeks) so it's being more like an 8/10 for me rn.


Edit: And it's done woohoo 🎉🎉 100% trophy completion. (2.06% ultra rare).

I just needed to practice levels 9 and 10 more. Very satisfying to complete!

My finally successful run, Full game all 10 levels in a row without dying, for the 'You had one... Life!' trophy. In one life run challenge. Unedited video:



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Congratulations to you.


That's a great achievement :)


Let's see if I can do it.


You can already see that most players here are avoiding the game. It's really fun


Thanks for the video.

It is a good orientation for the time run.


Your times = 08:56:97 min.


01 = 00:41:81

02 = 00:30:60

03 = 00:42:07

04 = 01:00:05

05 = 01:13:41

06 = 00:40:95

07 = 00:49:66

08 = 00:55:61

09 = 00:36:75

10 = 01:00:57


I have written down the times. Maybe it will help some of you.



Sören 😊

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