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The collectibles really kill the game (Contains spoilers)

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Hi everyone, 


Can't deny I had a great time on chapter 2. Started doing some of the stuff only to then find out you can't do them all with Arthur. So I would carry on, picking flowers, collecting pelts. Then I reached a challenge in the herbal section or whatever its called and it asks you to pick all 43 flowers. So then not only can I not just get it out of the way, but it doesn't record what you have already picked up, so you need to collect them all over again. 


So then I did those art exhibition things and what it took me to complete the story missions of chapter 2 and 3, I eventually managed to spawn the pelts I needed to get it over again done with. Took so friggin long. So I then reached chapter 4 and have just met another stranger who now wants more collectibles and this time its looking like he wants them in the hundreds overall. 


So what is it. A 20 hour story with 180 hours of collecting? They took things way too friggin serious with this. Rockstar often make incredible games with tiresome completions, but this is the worst I have experienced in any game not just a Rockstar game. 


Might not be so bad, but when it relies on RNG for pelt spawns as well as other RNG spawns, its way too much. I honestly thought only the online would be the worst part of this, but the collectibles have ruined it for me. 

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Well you’re not really supposed to spend your whole time trying to get what you can done as Arthur. If you spend a ridiculous amount of time just going after the collectibles before Chapter 6 then that’s on you. Rockstar didn’t make you decide to focus solely on collectibles. They gave you plenty of other things to do and experience.


The best way to get the collectibles done is to do them a bit at a time.


Hunt animals only when you see them because the ones you’re looking for tend to show up once you stop going out of your way to find them.

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I'm on chapter 4. It's clear I haven't just been collecting and even between missions there the game is hammered with them. And annoying rng types too in terms of spawning. That has nothing to do with spreading them out. This game has some serious fan bitches getting a sore arse when you show the inconsistences that the game has. 

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Posted (edited)

You're the one killing the game with your obsession with having everything at 100%, not Rockstar. 


42 minutes ago, DanteIshimura said:

This game has some serious fan bitches getting a sore arse when you show the inconsistences that the game has. 


Vent on a piece of paper next time if you are not capable of handling different opinions.


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On 5/17/2024 at 2:34 PM, Quixotesque said:

Wait for the Rio Grande Wild Turkey.... 🦃  That thing still haunts me in my darkest nightmares 

Granted I used a video, but it spawns on the rocks of that Del Lobo rock place. You just have to go there and there are loads of them on the rock. 


On 5/17/2024 at 2:43 PM, dannyswfc9 said:

Dont forget the horned moose. Bros seen nothing yet 😂

Being late to the game has its advantages I suppose. I had a vid which shown it right at the top of the map. Very weird how you have to get it as you cannot reach it, but you basically shoot near it and because it cannot leave the map or whatever, it comes down and thats when you can head shot it getting the perfect pelt and stuff. Can't remember if it was a challenge it was needed for or for kitting something out in the camp. 

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