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Easiest way to get Homo Humini Lupus Est


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Just platinummed the game so i wanted to give people an idea of how to do it easy based on the things i seemingly figured out, this strategy gave me 9 rais survivors in an hour and a half


So first youre gonna do what every guide says, start a new game and start from Pact with Rais (make sure its not new game+, if its night sleep) and follow the normal route to get to the mission. If you encounter 2 of rais men at any time kill them wait for the game to give you xp then restart the save from pact with rais, make sure you dont start a new game. Continue the route, when you contact the gre go down into the small junkyard bit then keep going to the bus, try to keep facing that direction and dont go further than the bus its a waste of time. If a runner is in the road you wont get rais survivors you'll get a zombie attack event, save the survivor and restart from the save again. If a runner climbs out from under the first bus after you contact the gre its 50/50 that youll get rais survivors, if theres no runners at all on that road its 100% chance of getting rais survivors, once you finally save survivors from rais men wait for the xp to come in then exit the game, delete that save file start a new save and repeat the process.


Hopefully this helps anyone still struggling with the trophy, i also advise you put music or a show/video on so its less mentally draining to constantly replay the same section, and dont use your grappling hook at all if you have it unlocked it seems to cancel out all events in my experience.


Edit: i forgot to mention do all of this solo, having friends with you to boost their trophy too might seem like a good idea, but this severely destroys the odds of ANY event spawning



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