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GTA IV or GTA V? (polls)


GTA IV or GTA V?  

125 members have voted

  1. 1. Which game has a better written story?

    • GTA IV
    • GTA V
  2. 2. Which game has better characters?

    • GTA IV
    • GTA V
  3. 3. Which game has better multiplayer? (Not counting any trophies)

    • GTA IV
    • GTA V

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For everything bar the Story GTAV is way in front. But I found IV's to be engaging and more realistic. I liked the overall darker tone because it suited Niko and what he seen in his youth, with V its got very little substance, it's enjoyable nonetheless but more lighthearted and not taking itself as seriously. 

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I didn't mind the story in GTAV at all (I actually enjoyed it quite a bit), but GTAIV had the slightly better story in my opinion.


On the other hand, GTAV was better in all of the following areas:

  • Graphics (obviously), but I still think GTAV has better graphics than most current-gen games to be honest
  • Driving (improved so much between iterations that it's not even funny)
  • Characters (the variety and hilarity of the characters really put it over the top for me)
  • World (much more interesting and exciting and LIVING world this time around)
  • Shooting and weapons (similar variety, but I enjoyed it much more in V)
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At some point, I really felt like I enjoyed GTA IV more than V but after completing GTA V 100% twice (due to a missing mission glitch) I strangely enjoyed it more than the first time! Maybe it was because for GTA IV, I delved into Online MP after finishing the story and for GTA V I quit midway through the first time because of GTA Online.

Anyway, I voted for GTA IV having the better story what with Niko's backstory and the possible endings, while GTA V had characters that I found hilarious & awesome and GTA Online offers much more in terms of customisation and things to do than GTA IV Online. I do miss Car Jack City though. I don't miss everyone huddling into the airport and slaughtering each other though!

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I believe that GTA IV has the better written storyline and it really increases the dark atmosphere that Liberty City is meant to be.


For the Characters, while I liked both IV and V's characters, I decided to choose V's - There was much better variation of characters and all were acted extremely well by their voice actors (in my opinion), I also liked the three protagonist concept, though I do think the characters should have been developed more (through more missions etc.)


For the Multiplayer, I enjoyed IV's but V (in my opinion) is much better.



I prefer this game :D :D



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