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Can't unlock the Love them and Leave them trophy

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Hi everyone... There's a glitch that won't allow me to unlock the Love them and leave them trophy and it's driving me crazy. Here's the sad story:


I just played the game, got all the trophies except that one and Gatecrasher (this I did not complete on purpose). Decided to back up my save and then start all over again. Deleted the DLC and played completely offline. Got the Gatecrasher trophy while unlocking some jackspots here and there, beat the Most Wanted drivers all over again, collected their rides and drove at least a race in every car but the Love them trophy did not pop up.


I checked the driver details and realized the Mercedes milestones are not geting registered (even when I already won a race with this car). Did anyone have the same problem? How did you manage to solve it?


I REALLY need help with this. I'm about to go mad because of this!!! :(

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There are no more gates for me to crash but I till have some billboards. I'll try with those. Or I may even play all of the races with that damned car. I'll let you know if that works. In the meantime, please tell me if any of you guys had the same problem!


EDIT: Already played 5 out of 7 available races with that car (excluding DLC), went trhough some billboards and repair shops in the process and my Mercedes's stats are still blank... Imma cry T_T

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Finally got the stupid trophy and the platinum... Here's what I did:


1. Made sure all my speedpoints were uploaded

2. Deleted my saved game

3. Started a new game while connected to the Autolog (this way I got all my speedpoints and the most wanted races unlocked from the beginning)

4. Found a suitable car and equiped it by winning 3 or 4 races (I used the Marussia)

5. Found the car that was causing the problem (In my case it was the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG) and used it a bit and checked the records screen to make sure I had really used it

6. Beat the hell out of the 10 most wanted racers and got their rides (using the Marussia)

7. Went on to find all of the other cars and drive them all over again


That was pretty much it. I did all this in one sitting fearing the Mercedes would erase from my records screen. Don't turn off your console just in case.


Cheers! :)

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So i realise this thread is already old, but the same thing just happened to me. I drove all 41 cars and 1 glitched on me and i think it was the Porsche 3.0 Turbo, although it said in the driver details that i drove the car. So no trophy.


Then i just tried the Rim Shot Trophy with the Bugatti just to get that one out of the way (Only need Billboards and Gates now) and The Love them and Leave them trophy popped right before the Rim Shot trophy!!


So i'm very glad and Lucky i guess that it popped. Oh btw this is on the Vita version of the game. Platted the PS3 version already a while ago.

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