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World Warrior and Prolix trophies


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Hey folks!


So I've been trying to get the world warrior trophy and I am 100% certain that I have been through all the stages randomly but the trophy just won't pop! Yes I have finished the tutorial so I have unlocked the class stage but I'm still not having any luck. Do I need to stick to one character through all the stages in order for it to pop or can I mix up with other characters?


As for the prolix trophy, I'm not quite grasping the mechanics on how to get each individual hit rate, I checked the ps3 guide and it says to use Doubles blockbuster move but those little critters are hard to control! How did you guys get this trophy?


I would appreciate any help I can get! :D


UPDATE: Never mind guys, I got both trophies, turns out my game is VERY glitched! :P

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To help anybody that comes to read here, 

just keep playing the vs mode to achieve the world warrior and Ensemble cast....

To remember, the ensemble cast you need to play 10 times with one character, 10 times with 2 character with custom assist and 10 times with 3 characters with custom assist.


The prolix I don't know if this helps, but I've tried playing vs and selected the option "sparring - on" so you can play with infinite power bar with characters that do a lot of combos in their specials... Parasoul, fortune, and peacock are the ones withgood combo specials... good luck achieving, I'm not sure how I got mine

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