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How do I get Bragging Rights need some help asap


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Seems simple enough, I searched youtube for a tutorial, nothing came up though.

Someone did post a tip on how to get the trophy on the game page on PSNP.


"In the free ride some challenge any of record need to least one beat friend previous record. This is easy way to jump far yards least 100 feet then beat friend and get trophy."


Not sure if that's helpful or not lol, maybe just make a new throw away psn account, get a terrible score on free ride with it, go back on your main account and add the account you made and then beat that accounts score. :)


Hope it helps lol, I tried haha.

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Seriously, what is up with those leaderboards? The only thing I can even find on the internet about this, is a thread on PlayStationTrophies.org. There, there are multiple posts from members whose friends' records weren't showing up. The only solution they seem to have found was to add randoms, until they got one whose records did show. I tried that, and got some partial records from 2 out of 4, but nothing I could beat.. 


This trophy is probably what will keep me from the Plat, at this point, unless I happen to add someone whose records show up that I can beat. So, if anyone has another solution, I'd be extremely happy and grateful to hear it. 

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This trophy is not glitched but the requirements are hard to read.

Only the first 20000 high scores will show up on the leaderboards. If you have a friend inside that 20000, it will show up in your game as a time too beat. If you beat it the trophy will unlock.

Cause of the game being so old, the leaderboards are allready full with big scores. So a little practice is needed.

I made the leaderboards with a jumping range of 100,6 meters and was on spot 19993. My friend score was 100,9 meters. After an hour or so and looking up some great videos on the web, I was able to get 101,5 meters. Any second later the trophy was mine.


TIP there is a glitch with hang time. A low score on the devil track is around 5 seconds( you are than around spot 15000 on the leaderboards) . Set that time with a dummy account. Than load your main account and beat that score. It will be easier to get it this way but you will most likely need to have unlocked the 450mx bike to set a score like this. The normal bike is to slow to get this amount of hang time

I hope this helps

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