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A good addition to the series?


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So far, I think so. The gameplay and graphics are a bit shaky, as has always been this series' weakness, but I'm generally loving the writing and the dialogue between the characters. I'm glad to see they've not tried to censor the natural depravity that this series grew famous on, like the second game did, and that we're back to a bloodthirsty yet somehow likeable psychotic main character. Manah will always be my favourite, though, even if Zero and One are making very convincing arguments.


I've not actually completed it yet, however, so my opinion could change. I'm anticipating some nice twists and turns. =]

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I really enjoyed the game, gonna purchase and play the dlc chapters soon. In comparison to the previous games, it didn't really seem the same, setting just felt too different, might just be me. The previous ones seemed much darker and more serious. I still think this game was a good addition, loved it.

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Haha, most people would say Drakengard 2 was the opposite of dark and serious. :pimp:


I think that it felt different because of all the comedy, dark as it might have been, and the lack of the actual world ending as it did in the other two. It seemed a lot more about Zero's personal quest than a global thing, even though it had just as much gravity imo. The bosses were also a lot less... grotesque? Excluding the Homunculus, that is.

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