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Any Tips For Beating Sol

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I'm finally at this annoying boss and I can beat Luna with no problem an still have all of my buffs up so when I enter Sol's fight I still have all my buffs but he still wipes the floor with me when it comes to the dark versions of my demons. With them popping up I can't touch Sol in the least bit. So far my party consist of the following.



Neptune - Rank 23

Chronos - Rank 21

Mars - Rank 21


My Team

Gazer - Level 34

str 27

int 12

mys 12

vit 20

agi 30

luc 11


Fighter - Level 33

str 35

int 7 

mys  6

vit  22

agi  19

luc  15


Ranger - Level 33

str 20

int 13

mys 10 

vit 15

agi 17

luc 15


Wizard - Level 33

str 9 

int 24

mys 20

vit 22

agi 14

luc 10


Healer - Level 33

str 6

int 23

mys 19

vit 17

agi 11

luc 22



Gazer has Dual-Wield

Fighter has Killer Edge, Slash 1, and Astro Force

Ranger has Mars Bane

Wizard has Divine Body, Cure Set, Item Training 1, and Cross Fix


Weapons That The Main Hitters Are Using

Gazer is using Demon Slayer +8 and the Aegis Mirror

Fighter is using Majestic Lance +10

Ranger is using Eagle Eye +2


So do I need to switch something around on my characters for their weapons or do I just need to level them up more to whip this stupid boss once an for all. After all Luna isn't the problem for me it is Sol an his little dark demons he summons.


P.S - I am on the cold setting so it not like I am playing on hot or anything like that at all so the difficulty isn't the problem here.

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No longer needs help. A friend of my who had plat this game already gave me so pointers on how to make my team better so I was able to beat Sol easily now with no problem what so ever. Now onto beating the last two demons in the game an plat this game once an for all.

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Well the way I had my characters set up were perfect for him it just that you want to switch the shield my gazer had for another one handed weapon so that way he is hitting the enemy with two weapons {which will up his attack along with mars in rage form}. plus you want the divine on the gazer instead of the wizard an you can beat him quickly with an enraged mars.

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I'm not at sol yet, but if mars can solo him I hope it aint hard lol


I'm fighting Ether mirage all day, im level 36-37, fighter dual wielding 300 weapons, always using force break to remove his divine armor, I got all buffs on, force hit/avoid/bio/wall, fast casting double hit and avoid at start, using whistle to prevent formation andforce guard when necessarry, stacking slows with healer on the boss, and then when I have every buff and debuff in the book. I nuke him.


Neptune/mars/chronos and my neptune can heal party without help of my healer for this fight, boss does pretty much no damage BUT..


I cant beat him, he heals 5000 every round, mars enraged does about 1500-2000 combos and my fighter, even when his divine armor is gone, cyclone does 100 per hit ( extremely weak only on this boss for some reason ) I cant outdamage this guys heal at all, and you finished the game at level 34 ? Seriously this game is insanely hard for an rpg

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