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Take a look-It's in a book. Reading Rainbow.

Lady Lilith

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By now you've probably seen the extraordinarily successful Kickstarter campaign for Reading Rainbow, the TV show hosted actor LeVar Burton that helps teach kids to love reading books.P

They've already raised $2.8 million for the project, which hopes to bring the show to children everywhere. Naturally, they want to make more money. And one of their next big stretch goals is all about video game consoles.P

From the latest Reading Rainbow update:P

We've been reading your comments and suggestions, and we couldn't agree more: to be accessible to more kids and families, we need to be on MOBILE DEVICES. We also need to be on ANDROID. And for families and classrooms — especially those that can't afford computers or tablets for each child — we also need to be on connected devices that can put Reading Rainbow back on the television: both the most common GAMING CONSOLES kids use, like XBOX and Playstation, and on new OVER THE TOP (OTT) BOXES like AppleTV, Roku and Kindle Fire TV. 

So if they hit $5 million, you might be able to get Reading Rainbow on your Xboxes and PlayStations soon. Cool stuff. TEAM #BOOKS.


Even Reading Rainbow is skipping Wii U.  Ouch.

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