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Hi everyone!  :lol:


My name is Nopeless. I play on PS Vita since last December (i played more on my Vita for 5 months ago  than on my 3DS for 2 years ^^ ).

Vita is my first Sony console - uh, i mean, connected console. I have also a PS2 but just for Gran Turismo 4 & GTAs.


I was a big Nintendo player before discovering the Vita, so I own also: 3DS, original DS + DS Lite, GBA SP Zelda Edition, N64, a Wii (nothing special, even Mario Galaxy which was, for me, nothing except a good game) and a Gamecube (which is, according to me, the best console I've ever played, thanks to Paper Mario 2 - the best game I've ever played)


I am 16 and I come from France, so it's why you would certainly find many mistakes here ^^ 

I'm finishing my Terminale year ( Literature section)  which is, i think, something like 12th grade for US people (thanks Wikipedia) and I'm about to die  pass many exams :/


For now, I'm playing: Killzone Mercenary, Ridge Racer, MGS3 HD and GTA VCS. I'm also playing RCT2 (my first game, wow! for 10 years ago now) and L4D2.

I've planned to play Mortal Kombat, Wipeout 2048...but I'm waiting for Smash Bros 3DS anyway ^^

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