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Someone good with computers, please help!


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I wasn't sure if this should have been posted in PC & Desktops because it's not a gaming PC, so I'll just leave it in Off Topic... sorry if it's posted in the wrong forum


I'm not sure how long it's been going on for now but my laptop decides to disconnect me from wifi every time I wake it up from sleep or start it up after shutting it down. I go to connect to a network and it just says that the password is wrong when it isn't. I have to reboot my internet every time it does this.

I've tried to diagnose the problem but it just says that I haven't chosen a network to connect to when I have and it is always set to connect automatically.

I've tried looking online a bit where one suggestions was to change the Wireless Adapter Settings in the power options to 'Maximum Performance'. I haven't noticed a difference. And I have also gone to Wifi Adapter Setting > Power Management > And unticked the 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'


I'm not sure what else to do, and can't find anything else online to help me and it is really starting to get annoying.

I'm running Windows 8.1 btw -.-

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I had a laptop do this recently. I turned out to be my wifi card was dying. I bought a wee USB wifi thing

http://www.cclonline.com/product/61368/133-65/Wireless-Adapters/Sandberg-Micro-WiFi-Dongle-USB/NET0213/ to replace it an problem gone.

You can get cheaper ones than this on Amazon - Edimax one seems to be popular.

If a cheaper one works then great if it doesnt then thankfully its only a tenner ;)

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