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Help doing primeval and pbwt events

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Im following the trophy guide on playstationtrophies.org



but right now, i made all worls pbwt, I need unique items from characters like satsuki, selan, miralda. 


AND I need to kill the primevals, both the primevals AND miralda etc characters, appear only in PBWT right ?


How am I suppose to do those BOTH, doesnt killing a primeval or killing named NPC black phantoms RAISE my PBWT to PWWT ( +3 ) ?


If yes, doesnt this mean i would have to do BOTH in one run without exiting the level to the nexus ( to keep it pure black even after killing the primeval or named npc )


Killing satsuki at 4-1. running through the whole area to 4-2 WITHOUT returning to nexus, kill primeval, and then I can leave. same for all other levels, WTF




If thats the case holy shit im gonna have a hard time, im getting 1 shot by ANYTHING in pbwt

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hmm, yea, i might just do the primevals and get the colorless demon souls for the last spell on the next playthrough maybe..





So if im PBWT, and I kill each world's named NPC phantom, and then kill the final boss of that world, will it be enough to make it Pure white ?

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Get each world pure black. Do whatever you need. Kill the named phantom and the primeval without leaving the world. After that you can stay and kill a boss or leave and come back. You'll be only one away from pure white and the boss will be slightly easier. Make sure you do all this in soul form so you don't accidentally ruin your attempt.

Pbwt. Neutral. Pwwt

-3. 0. +3

Primeval = +3

Named = +3

Any boss = +1

The math seems wierd but you do in fact need all 7 PTs for a full b/w swing.

Make sure you get all pwwt stuff without leaving or make sure you do this step offline or your wt can reset.

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