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Current Easiest Way to Boost League Battles (Requires PS4 and Vita)


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18 hours ago, Johnnybaz85 said:

would you be so kind to tell how exactly can this be done on a PS5 & Vita? i am thinking of streaming the game of PS Now but if this works might buy it on the psn store for Vita/PS4


There will be a video of how to do it on Youtube if that's any easier for you.


Basically start the game on a PS4/5 and your Vita. Start the multiplayer mode and when you go to search for a match do it at the same time on both the console and Vita, then it will usually put you in a game with yourself. As mentioned above I only ever had 1 random encounter whilst doing this, when this happens you can just back out and try again.

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On 1/10/2024 at 4:00 PM, k0edb said:

im planning to plat the game now on 2024, someone knows if i can do the same with ps4 and ps5?

No you can't do that with a ps4 and ps5, it suspend application if you try to start the game with both consoles at the same time. 


Edit : but you can do it with an alt account, that works.

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