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What are you most excited for at E3


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I'm pretty excited for a few things.



Can't wait to see how Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix is going to be. Kind of stoked to see how they remastered the visual assets of the game.



I Know square Enix might not show these two games but man what I would do to see them. I wish they show Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15.




Far Cry 4. They added so much new stuff like weapons, vehicles, new combat maneuvers, Etc. There is also supposed to be some surprises. 

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Very interested to see what Project Beast is all about. Whether it's a Souls game or not, I've had a great time with From Software's games recently so I'll almost definitely be playing this one day.


I was excited at first for Mirror's Edge 2, but there's all these rumours about the game becoming open world and Anita Sarkeesian being called in to lead the development team. They're just rumours but I don't have much trust in EA as it is.

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