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666 hit combo

Tomoko Kuroki

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I just saw that everyone sais to do it in the fraud stages... i just completed the game and didnt pay attention to this trophy, is there a quicker way other then me completing the game again 


Nope Fraud is the the only way to do it, because of the infinite enemy spawns. Besides you need to play the game at least 1.5 times to lvl up the holy and unholy powers, so you might as well go to Fraud. If you play on easy you can breeze through the game in a few hours.

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I got the Poetry in Motion trophy in the Gluttony level, with the Coins of Plutus and the Scythe.


I used the room shown at 12:40 in this video.  On Infernal difficulty there was just wave after wave of skeletons coming out so doing L2+Square and using some divine armors to not take hits it was easy.  I think I ended with over 12 or 13 hundred hits.


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