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This game is now FTP from today!


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If I had to estimate a time for a plat I would say around 200-250 hours. Only because of the 2500 ego trophy. As for the dlc in the US costs $40 and will add at least 350 more hours to that. The game in my personal opinion rates 7/10. Would be a 9 but the bugs, kicks, and freezes ruin a lot of the fun you should have. Because of the server issues I will not be buying anymore trion products in the future.

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I paid for it a while back, and frankly, I enjoyed it. The reason I stopped is because I got tired of the server's fragility. If they'd spent resources in stabilizing there servers instead of cranking out regular installments of DLC (To which I've heard they were contractually obligated, unfortunately) I'd probably still play it.  The gameplay was as enjoyable as most MMOs, which is admittedly not high praise. PvP had been taken over by the cloak+Charged Shotgun for which there was no practical defense from the one hit kill, but that's not to say hasn't been addressed in the time since. I'd suggest giving this game a good roll in hay before saying you're not into it.

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