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What Darth Vader's Most Famous Line Sounds Like In 16 Languages


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Spanish by "Isidro Olace" sounded like he wanted to vomit, when he said:

the "dre" portion of "Padre"...lol


The French version sounded like he tried to be romantic with "Your Father".


The Catalan Version was funny, It sounded like he was having an orgasm or at least was nervous when he said the "No!" portion. 


The Portuguese & Brazilian Version sounded like he said "Now, yo soy su pie" 

in other words it sounded like he said "Now, I am your pie".


The Czech Version sounded Naggy on the "No".


The Russian version made me picture "Vladimir Isidrora " right next to the cam guy translating for Vader.


The Chinese Version...made me picture a very drunk old man barely able to stand, trying to reach luke telling him "No!, I am! your father!"(while he blows a bubble, at the end of the "father" line.


The Japanese Version was soo intense, it honestly shocked & made me laugh hearing it.


The Hebrew Version sounded like the guy didn't care._. 

It's like he entered the room, got the script; and just read the line once...then went home.

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