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How many attempts on Ascension?


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Just wondering how many times most of you had to attempt Ascension before you were able to beat it. My beast teammate subzy and I were able to pass it on our 5th attempt. The most attempts we had to make on any single trial was 8. I'm thinking this was pretty good effort for us. So how many efforts did it take you to pass Ascension or some of the of the other harder 2p trials?

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Is Ascension one of the trials that you both have to play as Lucia? Iirc, it had timed summoners challenge on the very last part.

If so, I think bmj and I did it on our 4th or 5th too. I was the weak link because of having to learn the best techniques to use with Lucia. Once I learned how to use her lift move, it was all over though. :pimp:

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Yes double Lucia. Subzy and I were ready for an epic struggle and we ended up kicking some major ass. We had more trouble on one of the other trials (8 attempts) but I can't even remember which one. 


And here I thought this topic was about God of War Ascension.


I knew that was going to happen but it was unavoidable. :D

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It took @CharlesB753 and me 4 total tries.


It was a good challenge not too hard, not to easy.  We had to improve on a few early levels like Explosives Only and Melee Combo, we also had to kind of manage like if we were going to fail a challenge and we knew it ahead of time, we would have the person with the most lives die, so that we don't get the Trial Failed as in that case you both lose a life.


There were just certain strategies, teamwork, and good communication that has to be used in order to make it much more manageable.  Like where are enemies at, is someone coming toward the other player, which side the summoner is on.  We just called each other on the phone and put it on speaker while we played.  It worked well.


We beat Ascension with 5 lives and 4 lives at the end.

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