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Platinum difficulty of GTA V, Dom mission Bug


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From GTAF forums:


On the official Rockstar forums, a user named xXinsaniacXx have found a workaround for the Dom mission not popping up.  Well, it worked for me anyway!  Here 'tis:


What I did to make the Dom mission finally pop up (paraphrased from Drag0nstarz):

1) Load up the 99.5% save

2) Quick save using the phone into a NEW slot (has to be a new slot)

3) After the save completes, hold down on the d-pad for the character selection menu and chose the bottom one (your GTA Online character) and launch into GTAO

4) Mess around for 5 minutes -- I just robbed a store and then waited to lose my wanted level

5) Use the d-pad AND CHOOSE FRANKLIN to load into back in the single player

6) The mission (w/ the D? icon) was now there and completed it no problem

7) Career Criminal


Hope this helps!

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This hell of a mission, the problem persists even though I'm doing the tips of theRockstar forum, I have this problem, I've already contacted them and nothing theyresolve this definitively. I've had enough of this error. A big disappointment!


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Sorry the solution didn't work for you. 


I am about to put something in my signature about using backup saves for GTA V. It is very important this game is extremely glitched. I had a glitch in one of my save files where the icons for Ammunation and Pay'n'Spray shops disappeared from the map and when I went to their locations the doors would be locked. I literally had a game lose Ammunation and Pay'n'Spray ability! 


Luckily I only lost like 3 hours of work because I had a backup. Make a backup save file. Then make a backup of that file. Now keep them updated. Stupid game.

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I have more holes in my save beyond Dom error bug mission.
As per the example of not being able to restart missions, once had an update if I'm not mistaken the 1.09, never been able to play missions again, lock up, everything is problematic, but before that happens, I got the Trophies of 70 gold medals,lucky for me, but now this is Dom really a shame, cause a terrible frustration because you get to 1 little Mission for 100% and finally the Platinum ...

Make sure you've done all the helicopter jumps first..

Did all 13 jumps perfectly successfully on all of them, I did those 3 characters even more.

I'm quite a fan of the GTA series, had never disappointed me as much as this game. The game itself is not bad, of course not, but mistakes like this for my opinion are so unacceptable. Let's see that it's not just me that happens, just search the forums and google itself, which you can find others who have gone through same problem, should be provided for this type of thing disturbs a lotwho enjoys collecting trophies, think ...
Anyway and if I start the campaign and all happening again? Nobody insures thatwill or will not happen. I get this question. And I also hope that one day reachplatinum.

Note: sorry my English, because I am Brazilian and I speak Portuguese, I am usingBing translator to speak.
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  • 2 months later...

I'm also having problems with Dom's questline...

only 12 of the 13 parachute jumps are showing on my map, do i have to make some mission woth Michael or Trevor to unlock the last one?

EDIT: when i started the game yesterday the 13th jump showed up, but did't unlock the mission :(

EDIT 2: i started the game all over again (was at 80%) just cuz of this mission and luckly it showed up this time (hope i will not find any other bugs to get the 100%)

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