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Glad I bought this game for 2,99 €

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I bought this game not long ago on PSN when it was on sale. I looked at the price and said..why not?


I'm playing it right now and well, let me start saying that this game is not THAT bad as reviews make it out to be. Metacritic has a rating of 13 on this game, and people would look at it like it's a completely broken game like Big Rigs because it has a similar rating.


RTH : R is NOT a broken game. It's actually pretty functional,  It has some weird glitches here and there, sure, but there aren't any game-breaking bugs or freezes.


You may like it, or not. To like it you just need two things : open-mindedness and a VERY large sense of humour. 


If you want to play a game in all of your unseriousness, drunk and with some friends, and if you can laugh over such things https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr_9IoeDLxU THIS is the game for you. This game has plenty of those WTF moments that for me it has already paid the price.

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For me, it falls into the "so-bad-it's-good"-category, i still wouldn't pay for this game though since it would in some way still be supporting the fact that they released this mess as a full-price title...

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I just got the 100% for this. I can say that it was worth the $10 ($12 if you count the DLC) that I paid for the brand new copy of it. While it definately has quite a few things wrong with it, other parts of the game are very coherant and its not as "unplayable" as commonly labeled. The first part of the game was a lot more enjoyable than the latter. During the last few missions of the game is when most of the bugs happened and felt like the writers gave up on the storytelling. Anyways, I can't in good conscious label this game as "good" but I can say that I've definately played worse.

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