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Ar NoSurge - Western release

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Tecmo Koei have announced that, Ar noSurge will be coming to US on September 23, 2014 and EU on September 26, 2014 with both English and Japanese voice over.


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Tecmo Koei have announced that, NISA will be handling Ar Nosurge Limited Edition, which is currently only available to pre-order on the American NISA store (Hopefully EU will be a getting a LE also).




Gamestop (US) have announced that, pre-ordering Ar Nosurge ad them will reward a PS3 theme and two Misogi Expansion Packs 


Note: Limited Edition is only available on NISA store.


Tecmo Koei have also announced that, Ar Nosurge won't be censored and feature the same content as the Japanese version of the game

So the Purification mini-game will be part of the game.

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