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Aaron Webber leaves SEGA of America

Lady Lilith

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Today we learned the sad news that one of SEGA of America’s greats, Aaron Webber also known as Ruby Eclipse, will be leaving SEGA of America. SEGAbits and Sonic Retro staff were speculating that such news would hit (yes, this is what we do in our private chats, talk about Aaron, that’s how much we love him) when Aaron tweeted that his return flight from this year’s E3 Sonic Revolution was “The final trip!”. Sonic Boom Producer Stephen Frost also dedicated a White Castle meal to Aaron, tweeting “Here’s to good times and an awesome future”.

All of us at SEGAbits and Sonic Retro wish Aaron all the best, and we will cherish all the good times we shared. Oh, and Aaron? Let’s play a game of Spiral Knights or PSO2 soon.




I never really paid much attention to Free Stuff Friday, but this still kinda sucks.

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