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Did you meet similar situation?

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Hi Everyone! Here I meet a problem.  I just finished one game. My score was reported of cheating. But I did not cheat! Now my ranking is frozen. I have no idea how to solve it. Did anyone meet this before? Who can I ask for help? Hope I can get some suggestions. Thank you!





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Found an English guide/roadmap for this game:




There's no mention of getting the platinum anywhere near that quickly. And looking at the trophy requirements (6 playthroughs/reloads of chapters/some sort of branching story) it's safe to say you didn't get the trophy in 14 minutes legitimately. In other words, you did cheat.


Edit: And you even had time to do Don't Fence Me In from InFamous 2 during that 14 minutes as is evident in your trophy log.

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1.  After I downloaded DLC of this game, I could choose its chapters and my rewards were achieved very fast.
Actually, I am also surprised...
2. My friend and I are playing games under my PSN account. That's why I even had time to do Don't Fence Me In from InFamous 2.

ask for Sly Ripper, i am sure he can gives you answers.

Thanks! But who is Sly Ripper. Where can I find him/her?

im interested to know how you finished that game in 14 minutes?... i want to play that game myself now!...

Try DLC. :-)

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This list looks fishy too, but I don't know the game so I can't be 100%. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1178-TEKKEN-TAG-TOURNAMENT-2-PROLOGUE/DragonLH


You can re-join the leaderboards and everything else if you hide the games/trophies you cheated on.


Thread lock in 3... 2... 1...

I see. Thanks for your suggestion. But it is the last solution if there is no way to restore my ranking.

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More info about the dlc exploit can be found here:


I might have spoken too soon before. My apologies.

that link is just a topic about...

- if the japanese version will work on a us account

- how to exploit the free dlc without havin to go through the related chapters

- missable items and other related items

- missable trophies

not once does it mention bein able to finish the game in 14mins and if it did then i might need to go to the optitions...

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It also states the OP of that thread obtained the platinum through this exploit. DLC is not required for the platinum. Anyway, it's not my call to make, just thought Id share the link since it seems to be related.

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