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PS Plus Backlog Catchup


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I'm looking to catch up on a few of the PS3 PS + offerings over the last few months, and am struggling to decide which to attempt out if the next 3;

Tomb Raider

NBA 2K14

Dead Space 3

Not being a major fan of online, not convinced I'll platinum any of them, but all 3 look pretty good - now that Infamous and watch dogs are behind me, who'd go for what?

Thanks ;)

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I dislike sportgames, so you won't see me playing PES or NBA.

If I really wanted to play basketball, I would go outside and play basketball.

Same with football.


However, surviving a necromorph infestation (DS3) is something I prefer to keep a digital experience.

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I remember in NBA 2K13 getting screwed by the NBA today trophy, which was timed - i missed the end of the season which meant it was locked (if i cast my mind back, it also did me out of the All Star team because of a glitch when trying to change contract mid season). 

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NBA 2K14 is impossible to platinum atm for the same reason.


I'd personally recommend you get a good friend to play Dead Space 3 with you, it's pretty fun to play through on coop. 1 playthrough of single player is good too, but the plat took me 4 playthroughs (1 coop/normal, Classic, Pure Survival, Hardcore) and 1 almost whole other playthrough cleaning up collectibles and such.


I've heard Tomb Raider has a good single player as well.

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I haven't played any of them, but I have heard from my brother that Tomb Raider was a really good game.  I would go with that, then Dead Space 3, and finally NBA 2K14.  If you are interested in platinums, don't even bother with the NBA game since it is impossible now that the season is over with.

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Tomb Raider's sp is pretty good and easy, the mp requires a lot of grinding but you can do it on your own, it's easy grindind it just takes a long time to do, haven't played the other games so no opinion :P


yeah, solo grinding but you need some partners to get the remaining mp trophies

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