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Cheat the Iroman mod


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Did anybody hapen to lose your best soldier, and sadly you cant undo because your playing in Iroman mod ? :(

Well  you can cheated the sistem but how ? :hmm:  This is were i play you see this only work in battlefield when you ended your turn see if your alien friend manage to kill your soldier or VIP press the home buttom until the screen became black and select exit the game.

Now play again load your file and guest want ? You playing in the last round before you soldier have muderer by the Alien xD  this Trick may be anoying but truste me It will Help you a lot if you terrible at this game or avoide losing your best man. But I warned you this maybe doesnt worked (I only have one copy if I got more I may try to work)

I wanted to put on the Tips but sadly it allowed only if your god the trophy <_<

I hope this worked and sorry for my bad english

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