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Favorite Anime Character


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There is a lot of anime fans on here, which is awesome. So my question to you is, who is your favorite anime character? (feel free to put a picture)


I think mine is pretty obvious from my profile picture heh..  but my favorite character is Soul from Soul Eater. 






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Not necessarily a favourite (Since I don't have a clear-cut favourite), but Merida Cruz from Mobile Suit Gundam UC is up there, partly due to this monstrously destructive mobile suit


EDIT: Smaller, more detailed image

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Jotaro Kujo, actually not sure if they made anime of this Jojo's Bizarre Adventure period yet. But hes in the games and the manga. I've only played the games, but I love this character because hes style is so cool :D


My other favorites include Guts from Berserk and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, One Piece also has alot of memorable characters for me <3

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Issei Hyoudou - High School DxD


Granted he's a pervert, but his fantasies are hilarious and it's funny to see him get denied his fantasies. He can also kick some serious ass too. His Dress Break move is pure awesome too.


Runner up: Sebastian Michaelis - Black Butler


You see, he's simply one hell of a butler. Who wouldn't want him to be their butler? His curry bun song is really good, as is his ability to kill with cutlery.

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I don't usually like a anime characther so much to make it my favorite :huh:

But if have to to choose I'll stick with these 3 especial ones without a especific order:


- Nico Robin (One Piece)







- Haruhi  Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club)







Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)





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