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Destiny BETA Players

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Before you guys start reading this. I want to say, I wrote this on the PS4 forum, because they don't have a Destiny forum. Please don't hate, lock or ask why I wrote it here.


Now some of you have realized the Destiny BETA will come out in July 17th. I want to ask you that I will host a gaming session, and a party at July 17th. 

Send me a message of your PSN ID and if you have the Destiny BETA, so we can play together. Or you can just add me PSN ID: rafay2603, remember to send me a message if you're from this post.


Some of you still don't know how to get the Destiny BETA, I will tell you how to get it.


If you're wondering what "Destiny BETA" is, read below. 



The Destiny Beta is your chance to play Destiny and give us invaluable data and feedback prior to launch on September 9th, 2014. The Beta will include character creation, story missions, cooperative and social activities, competitive multiplayer, and more.


The Destiny Beta is available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. You can reserve a spot by pre-ordering Destiny from participating retailers.

The Destiny Beta will start on July 17th and end on July 26th.



To get the BETA, you will need to pre-order Destiny from GameStop or any other stores.

You will receive your code in your email or from the store. If you didn't get it, call GameStop or someone to give you a code.


When you have your code, you need to go to this website - On there, you need to sign up to redeem the code (it's simple and easy)

After you've signed up, you just got to enter the 9-digits codes located on pre-order receipt, email, card or flyer. Conact any retailer if you have issues with your code.

After you've have redeemed your code, you should get something saying "Destiny Beta Reservation" on "Redeemed Codes"


If you see that, you have completed it. At July 16th everyone who has redeemed their code should get a email from Bungie, to redeem their Destiny BETA code. 


Keep in mind that after July 13th you can no longer redeem your code. Read more about it here:


Another Way To Get Destiny BETA For Free:

- Go to Amazon make an account (Don't do this if you already have an account)

- After you've made your account, pre-order Destiny, then choose the PS4 version.

- After you've pre-ordered it, go to your email. And see if you have your code (may take in about 4 sec or 2 min)

- When you have your code, go to that same website:

- Sign in and type in your 9-digits code.

- After you've done that, go see if you have the "Destiny Beta Reservation" to see it, click on "Redeemed Codes"

- If you have "Destiny Beta Reservation" that means you have redeemed it.

- Get back to Amazon, and go to where it says "Your Account" and click on "Your Orders" 

- Once you are there, you will see "Pre-Orders" below, you will see that you have pre-ordered Destiny.

- As you see, you haven't paid any money yet. Even tough you still have your credit card info. That means they'll charge you when the game released. 

- On screen, click where it says "Cancel Items"

- (This step is optional) Click on where it says "Reason for cancellation" on top right corner, then put "Order Created By Mistake" after that click on "Cancel checked items"

- You will get something saying "Important Message" just click "Continue Shopping" below. 


Now you have redeemed your Destiny BETA code for free.. If the text tutorial didn't help, you can click on this YT video to see how to do it.

Click here for video: 


As again, add me so we can play together. PSN ID: rafay2603 (send me a message if you're from this post)

Oh and by the way...


You can dance on Destiny, so it'll be fun to see people dancing around the map.


Hope this helped! 

- Rafay2603


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I will add you i played the alpha and it was awesome! Are you planning on doing a multiplayer party or story mode? I'm Shelby909


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Yeah! I'm going to host a party, along with other players. I don't care about age, as long as you're nice and welcome.


Oh yeah, mic is also recommended too. But you can use it necessary.


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