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Fierce's Platinum Park (V.2.0)


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Completed Rides

(My Platinums/100%)


Wolfenstein: The  New Order

This platinumwas by far the hardest platinum I did, but with solid gameplay, I didnt mind it to much.

Wait Time: 51 Minutes


Assassins Creed II

Like most people, this was my first platinum, and the only hard part was the feathers (not hard, but time consuming)

Wait Time: 51 Minutes


Saints Row: The Third

A fun and laid back game, this platinum was the funnest and easiest platinum i have.

Wait Time: 51 Minutes


Sleeping Dogs

The random events was a pain, but ither than that its a easy platinum.


Dead Space: Ignition

This 100% was easy, and quick, glad i got it for free.

Wait Time: 51 Minutes


Under Construction

(Platinums I am working on)


Fallout New Vegas

While it is certainly going to be my hardest platinum yet, it is quite fun, and easy to get lost in it. I judst have 2 plsthroughd left in order to get the platinum, or be a couple of trophies away from it. I am hoping to have it by next Friday, it depends on how dedicated I am.


Modrn Warfare

I am only one trophy away, but that is specs ops, so yeah its kinda annoying, but I am so close, i may have it by tommorow.


Award Winning Rides

(Trophy Awards)

Easiest Platinum- Saints Row The Third

Funnest Platinum- Saints Row The Third

Hardest Platinum- Wolfenstein The New Order


Park Plans

(My Backlog)


Fallout 3

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 3

Bioshock 2


Closed Rides

(Games that I no longer own)

Dead Space

Resistance 2

Mirrors Edge

Army of Two: The 40th Day

Rock Band 2


Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Fifa 09


NBA 2k11

Street Fighter IV


God of War

Star Wars: TFU II

Dead Space Extraction

Red Dead Redemption.

Arkham Asylum

Modern Warfare 2

Batman: Arkham Asylum


Park Mechanics

(Techinical Stuff)

Version Records

v 1.0- Grand Opening, no pictures,simple text.

v1.1- Added the park mechanics,version records.

v1.2- I ended up fixing the version records font error.

v.1.3-Introduced Closed Rides and the Park plans, have yet to finish them though.

v1.4 put in wait times (amount of trohies)


v,.2.1 Added some color

Hopefully i will know a little more about bbcode, when i do, i will be able to put my programming skills to good use.




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Nice plats to start! I like the theme park theme aswell! (wait, what ? xD)

You should add some images to make it more appealing ;)

Thanks, I thought it would make it a little funner, the pictures will be a little harder, since im using my ipad for psn profiles

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Platinum #5: Modern Warfare

Lucky for this, it got the award for most difficult platinum, and here is why

Spec Ops. The last four maps on veteran must have been made by a person with a hatred of happiness (Grumpy Cat?) With only 4 shots until your death, it involves alot of time waiting behind cover. 

All in all it was fun, i just wish there was more multiplayer trophies, since call of duty is focused on that.

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