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Konnichiwa, fellow gamers.


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Hello, community.


On most of the websites / forums, I'm known as Nacky. I'm 16 and I come from the small European country, Bosnia and Herzegovina (borders with Croatia and Serbia and I guess these two are familiar to you).


I'm a huge fan of Japanese culture in general, but especially a fan of anime/manga and Japanese video-games. I'm not that much of a trophy hunter, although, it's always nice to have a platinum or two here and there. I had multiple PSN accounts and a reason for that, unfortunately, is my OCD.


You can find me either here (duh), or on MAL (here's my profile : http://myanimelist.net/profile/Nacky-kun), or on Twitter (http://twitter.com/erminlazoo ; btw I tweet on both, Croatian and English, feel free to follow me) or on PSN. My PSN ID is Nacky-san.


I look forward to hearing from you and hanging out with you on the forums.

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Just thought why the heck not?


Please tell me what you wrote was "swag time" in Japanese?  :awesome:

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Raw Translation: Hello & Welcome to PSNP! You please enjoy your time here in this wonderful community!


Swag Translation: Hello & Welcome to Swag Land! Please enjoy your swaggy time in this swaggeriffic community.


Thank you, you have restore my faith in swag. :)

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