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Self Introduction...Tonight!


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Hello everyone!

My username is Homestar1992 but you can all call me by my real name which is Dylan.

I am a real 21 year old male that currently hides in the city of Adelaide in Australia.


After all these years of playing on every Playstation device I have finally been biten by the trophy bug and is currently attempting to 100% every game in my collection, even though I know I will never get the 100% completion for disk version of Singstar and DanceStar Party. But I am trying my very best in my attempt to try and get at least 50% trophy wise in every single game I have played on my PS3. My current goal is to try and finish gettin 100% on Borderlands before attempting my next platinum which will be Metal Gear Solid 4.


So that's just a little bit about myself and I am very much looking forward to seeing you all around.

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