Site/Forum Rules (Jan 6, 2016)

Sly Ripper
By Sly Ripper in Announcements,
PSNProfiles' Site/Forum Rules  
These rules will be enforced, you will receive warnings, further warnings will lead to suspensions and bans. These rules apply site-wide, including gaming sessions and guides. Talk properly, "tlkin lik dis" won't save you any money. Don't creep on female members, you weirdo. Don't give other members grief, this is a nice place. No account or game sharing, physical items are allowed but it's not our responsibility if something bad happens. No short one/two word posts unless it completely makes sense. It's spam. No posts with just an image/meme, it's also spam. If your post content has nothing to do with the topic, do not post it in that topic. No links to illegal material. No sexual material or sexually-oriented discussion. Rules 5 and 6 are allowed in topics that rely on those types of replies.
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